Monday, March 21, 2011

I've moved!

It's been a long time since I updated (yes too long!). A lot has happened.

Firstly I packed up my house and moved to Mildura. Initially into Mum's house, then I helped her pack up the house and move into a lifestyle village for over 55's. I moved with her until she gets settled and I find somewhere to live (I am not old enough to qualify to live there, that feels so good to be too young to do something!).
I have finally found somewhere to live and work from, or at least I thought I did but there seems to be a few complications in regards to me residing there as well as working. So I may be moving three doors up before I have even really moved in!
It has been great to unpack a few of my things, it has been 6 months since I have seen a lot of that stuff, it's almost like going shopping without spending anything!!
I have done up two of the walls in the house, I put paper mache on two walls, much cheaper than paint and more fun not to mention I did 2 walls for around $20.00, bargain!!
I know it is a shame to have done that and then potentially move but at least it was fun and I have the photos.
I am working a few days a weeks at Endota Spa and am trying to build up my private and workplace massage clients. Once I have finally settled in It will be easier with an address.
I did do the Mildura City Markets, I think most people thought I was selling the chairs because they hadn't seen a massage chair before and weren't quite sure what it was for, after I paid $10 for a chair for me to sit on, $7 for tape to stick up my banners and the cost of the stall I ended up making $15, fortunately the objective was to get exposure not make money and a lot of people grabbed my business card so hopefully they will start calling.
I have a gazebo for next time and will be taking putting up pictures of people being massaged on the chair so people understand, also the gazebo will offer a bit of privacy rather than sitting in the middle of the footpath.
The next one is next Sunday so hopefully it will be better, I will also have pamphlets to hand out which is more informative to hand out that a business card.
I found that Mum was a good side kick to have with me as she can appeal to the older market and tell them how wonderful massage is for her all this time we thought it was Dad who had the gift of the gab! Maybe he is coaching her from beyond.
I am working at an op shop every Tuesday which is fun and I am managing not to walk home with bags of stuff now, last time I worked I bought a lounge which is more useful than clothing!!
All the crafters would love it we have heaps of wool, needles, patterns and knitting bags. They will be going out to the floor soon, as it is getting to that weather again, away go the outdoor playing stuff and fun in the sun item and out come the indoor pursuit goods.
I find out tomorrow about my new residence so better go so I can be bright eyed and bushytailed tomorrow!!
I've included a few photos of before and partway through. Even though it may not be where I( end up living it has been fun.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New web site.

Some funny things happened to me on the job this week. First I was in an elevator with a guy that was totally bald who was holding a hair straightener, I couldn't overlook the irony of this. I had to say something, (he looked like he had a sense of humour) I said "I was told that overuse of those things would send you bald, but I didn't believe them" He started laughing fortunately!!

I also had a job booked for a group of girls who didn't know where they were staying, I turned up to where they thought they were and after parking and unpacking the car the reception said we don't have a room that number. They rang the other hotel and sure enough they were staying there.

I did go up to Sewjourn again, they were a small group but very talented quilters, they all work on the same design but i different colours, it was very intricate and gave me a new appreciation for quilters, much more patience than I have got..

Best news of all though, I have finally got my web site up and running, it's like having a baby but the other way around, lots of late sleep deprived nights and then giving birth! I am so proud of it though I did 99% of it all by myself and from someone that is fairly computer illiterate that's pretty good. Now the fun bit of getting feedback from everyone and taking suggestions on board and hopefully not discovering too many spelling mistakes. The address is let me know what you think and spread it around, it's the seed of my little massage tree that hopefully one day will grow into a big old oak.

Bed time now, big day for a computer nerd!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Had an interesting job tonight, or should I say this morning. I had to start at 2 am and work until 4:30am, strange hours but the banks never close.

I started out by sorting everything out to make sure I didn't forget anything, double checked my massage supplies bag, charged the ipod and printed out the details of who to contact, carefully putting it next to my bag. Got to the job early (funny how there is no traffic at that time of day!) went to unpack the car and was looking for the sheet of paper with all the details, oh no, I was still sitting on the chair at home next to where my massage bag had been.

Luckily the security guard was getting out of the lifts as I was standing at the front door wondering what to do, she let me in and sorted out what floor I was to be working on and found me a room to work in.

Everything went wonderfully well then as these employees were used to missing out on what the day staff got and were stoaked that they got to have a massage, they were very appreciative.

I was thinking it was a really good night, I didn't even get that tired, finished and packed up all on time, went down stairs and loaded up the car and went to start it, I had turned the interior light on to look for the piece of paper I had left behind and forgotten to turn it off, FLAT BATTERY! Who gets a flat battery at 5 am (Obviously I do!).

I went back to the front door and the security guard was there, after hearing my plight and a look of sympathy she offered to get her car from the car park. Luckily I have jumper leads in my car and after a little bit of maneuvering her car back and forth to get them to reach her battery I was off and heading home. Luckily I don't work these hours all the time.

Toast and tea now and then into a nice warm bed well a cold one at first but I'll get around to putting the electric blanket on my bed eventually.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yet another fun weekend at Sewjourn.

Spending time with the lovely ladies who were there hardly seems like working.

Once again I came away really inspired but unfortunately this time there wasn't enough time in the week to see any of this inspiration come to fruition.

I am looking forward to next weekend meeting another group of ladies and getting to see their creations in between massages.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I was so inspired last time I left Sewjorn I have knitted three wraps and a little pair of fingerless gloves. Now I have that out of my system for the moment I can get back to finishing my business profile. I think I just needed a distraction for a few nights, I was impressed 3 wraps in 3 nights.

I can get a bit obsessive in regards to doing things from time to time. Reading and knitting are my two biggest weakness's I don't want to stop until I am finished, I wish there were other areas of my life that I was so obsessive with.

I hand my proposal in next week to see if ir gets approved, nervous time! Well must get back to it, no more procrastinating!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sewjourn Massage Room

The room of relaxing bliss at Sewjourn!
Was so inspired by the creativity at Sewjourn I started knitting a shoulder wrap. Just a small project to kick off my winter creative streak. My theory is that you find a man in Summer so you don't have to go out in the cold of winter, didn't pan out that way this year, looks like I'll be able to do heaps of knitting this year. New clothes instead of a broken heart!!